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::To produce and exhibit drawings and lithographs of beautiful urban places that exemplify the best principles of traditional urbanism and architecture.
::To publish illustrated books that serve both as guidebooks for urban places and as textbooks on principles for humane urbanism.
::To support University level Study Abroad Programs in Architecture, Urbanism and Music. A portion of the funding for these programs is provided by the sale of drawings and books.
Foundation Achievements
Since 2003, the Foundation has::

•      Held eleven exhibits in three countries and eight cities (VIEW EXHIBITS)
•      Published nine books (VIEW BOOKS)
•      Conducted six travel study excursions
•      Established & endowed the annual Gindroz Travel/Study Prize at Carnegie Mellon University
•      Awarded the Prize to music or architecture students since 2003 (VIEW PAST SCHOLARS)
•      Provided financial, logistical and teaching support since 2008 to the Study Abroad Program at
        Hampton University's School of Architecture (LEARN MORE)
•      Established a scholarship for a Hampton University student, in collaboration with the Institute
        for Classical Art and Architecture, to attend the Winterim study term each January